What Parents Are Saying…

“Education can be the most powerful and enlightening experience a human being can attain. It is with great pride that we send our children to Shmuel Bass Torah Academy of San Antonio and where we can see how empowered they are becoming when they come home to share their day with us. We have seen our children be challenged in many different ways that has had a positive result in the way they see the world. They have been taught to develop tools that help them think critically, they have learned what it is to have empathy toward their peers, and most importantly, in our eyes, they have enveloped themselves in a love and knowledge of the torah.

It is only through the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff that my kids could ever attain these attributes and it gives us great peace of mind in knowing that the staff at TASA truly takes our children in as if they were their own. My kids have true pride and feel like they can achieve anything because TASA has given them an immense amount of power through knowledge. Every child deserves this level of education.”
Tal & Chava Shaul

“We are blown away by how much Shayna has learned at TASA in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. The school has taught her to understand complex words and concepts, to spell very well, to write clearly, and to read extremely fluently. She reads, writes, and spells Hebrew beautifully. She knows the weekly Parshahs incredibly well and understands the lessons and meanings of the Jewish stories she has learned. She can sing the Birkat Hamazon and other blessings without hesitation.

Thanks to the Torah Academy, Noah has learned an incredible amount in Judaic studies and Hebrew in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. He can write and deliver d’vrei Torahs on any subject and any weekly Parshah. He reads and writes Hebrew fluently. He is 1-2 grades ahead in math.”
Adam & Stacey Schwartz

“We moved from out-of-state just before Yosef started second grade. Prior to TASA, Yosef was in a class with 20 other children and he struggled considerably academically both in school and with homework. Even with extra help, the teachers would often communicate to us his difficulty focusing and attending to classroom
tasks and assignments. However, shortly after he started TASA, Yosef looked like a new child! The individualized assignments, small class sizes and ability of the teacher to focus on him and his needs, changed his entire school experience for the better. He became happy to attend school and more independent with his
schoolwork and homework. His confidence soared both in and out of school and he became a noticeably happier child. We strongly feel this could not have been achieved without the caring, nurturing environment and individualized attention he receives daily at TASA.

Our daughter, Shanna, had 25 students in her class and a core group of close girlfriends. As one of only two girls in her class, we were concerned about putting her at TASA but we felt strongly about her having a Jewish education. From the start, it became evident that we didn’t have any need to worry. With the small class size and close knit environment, Shanna quickly became close with her teachers and classmates, as well students in the other grades. She excelled in her studies and regularly expresses how much she loves school. She has grown and flourished in all ways at TASA and we can not express enough praise for this school and what it has done for our children.”

Seth & Valerie Miller


“Our sons are so happy to go to school and they are eager to share their school lessons with us when they come home. Their enthusiasm for TASA tells us that they are in a comfortable and secure academic environment.

The TASA academic program is advanced — it involves critical thinking, problem solving, arithmetic, reading,
history, science, technology and more. The impressive after school program includes music, art, theatre and sports – which all ensures a well-balanced and fun environment throughout the entire day.

TASA also teaches our children about their heritage and Jewish values. We love hearing our boys sing and practice their Hebrew homework. They often tell us stories about our Jewish heritage. And, they explain the weekly parsha to us around the Shabbat table.

Our boys are thriving academically, physically and spiritually, which tells us we made the right choice by sending our boys to this school to TASA. And, for a parent, that is a satisfying feeling. Thank you TASA.” 

Andrew & Faryl Greller

“We send our children to the Shmuel Bass Torah Academy of San Antonio (TASA). As parents, we are thrilled with the education our kids are receiving. Each week, we are blown away by the level of school work and how they are being academically challenged. With the small student/teacher ratio, students are able to have
individualized learning which is great if they need extra help in a certain area or need to be challenged at a higher level to meet their needs. We LOVE our kids’ teachers and we know that’s not always an easy thing for parents to say. We couldn’t ask for a better academic program! The curriculum also includes art, music, PE, i9-sports and interesting field trips throughout the school year.

In addition to their outstanding secular studies, they have the bonus of learning to speak and read fluently in Hebrew. Learning a second language with a completely different letter system moving the opposite direction on the page is amazing for the brain! What a great advantage to master this at such a young age! From this
knowledge, they are able to fully understand and appreciate all their Jewish studies. At TASA, they are immersed in a Jewish environment all day. They pray every morning together as a school, sing Birkat HaMazon (grace after meals) together after lunch, learn about being menches and learn values like lashon hara, chesed, tzedakah, tikun olam and so much more! We feel so much pride and joy (nachas:)) that our children are learning and living these concepts, not just as moral or character values, but as JEWISH values!

We as parents have found that giving our children this Jewish foundation, all while getting great academics, makes it a win-win for our kids.”

Jason & Simone Kboudi

“We can’t put in to words how we feel about TASA. If you pair TASA’s top quality secular and Judaic education with the individual and incredibly loving attention that our two boys receive on a daily basis, it leaves us speechless. Add the upbeat Jewish atmosphere to the mix, and we realize that we have a diamond that we want to share with every Jewish family in San Antonio.”
Rabbi Levi & Rochel Teldon

“Our daughters are in Kindergarten, 3rd, and 4th grade at TASA, with our older two girls having attended TASA since the very beginning. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the education and are impressed by the dedication and passion of every teacher. But the true mark of the school is that our girls come home happy every day and are excited each morning to go back. We couldn’t imagine sending our girls anywhere else.”
Aaron & Danielle Sarfati 

“Our daughter, Talya, is in Kindergarten at TASA and we could not be more happy about our decision. She loves her teachers, her friends and goes to school every day with a smile on her face. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that your child is thriving in her academics as well as establishing a strong Jewish foundation. TASA has been a blessing for us and we are so lucky to have a school where we feel like part of the family!”
Aryeh & Sharon Kluger

“We feel so fortunate to have such a warm and loving school environment for our children. Currently, we have a son in 4th grade and a son in 6th grade. They are both growing tremendously in their academics and their Middot (characters traits). We are so grateful to have a Jewish school in our city and don’t take it for granted. The teachers are very experienced, attentive and in-tune with the needs of our children. Having been in San Antonio for close to 20 years and witnessing countless children go through a Jewish Day school experience, we can think of nothing more important than a Jewish Day School education. As the children have graduated from primary school and then moved on to schools of higher learning, Yeshivas and colleges, they have a strong Jewish identity and are very advanced in their learning skills.”

Rabbi Yossi & Malkie Marrus