TASA recognizes that private school can be an expensive burden on many families. However, TASA also acknowledges a strong sense of communal responsibility to make Jewish education accessible to those Jewish families who wish to provide a strong Jewish and secular background for their children. With that goal in mind, TASA has crafted a flexible tuition model that addresses affordability concerns while generating more predictable revenue models upon which TASA can plan its programming.

Flexible Tuition

TASA follows the tuition and financial aid policy as listed below. Traditionally, tuition has been set as a specific rate. Families who are unable to afford that rate are then offered tuition assistance in the form of financial aid, scholarships, and other types. Flexible Tuition, however, eliminates the tuition assistance process. Rather than focusing on an award, flexible tuition shifts the approach to what level of tuition can a family afford and what is the fair share that they can pay. It becomes a much more predictable model for both parents and the school.

For those families not choosing to go through the Flexible Tuition application process, a Full Tuition Rate is also set.

2019-2020 Tuition & Fees:
Registration Fee: $100 per student, per application if submitted on or BEFORE March 15, 2019 (‘Early Bird’ rate). If submitted AFTER March 15, 2019, the fee is $360 per student, per application. Fees apply as follows:

  • New Students – If a New Student Application and signed Payment Authorization Form are submitted on or before March 15, 2019. If Flexible Tuition is indicated on the Application, the Flexible Tuition application must also be submitted by March 15, 2019 in order to qualify for the ‘Early Bird’ rate.
  • Returning Students – If a signed Tuition Contract, signed Payment Authorization Form, and if applicable, a Flexible Tuition application, are submitted on or before March 15, 2018, this qualifies as ‘Early Bird’ rate and is reduced to $100 per student, per application.

PTO Fee: $50/per student, due by August 1, 2019.

Full Tuition Grades K-8: $11,000

Tuition Deposit: 5% of calculated tuition; due to guarantee student’s spot. If applying for Flexible Tuition, deposit is due within 10 business days following the school’s approval of the Flexible Tuition rate.

Flexible Tuition Rates Grades K-8:
The tuition pricing system is based on two factors alone – Adjusted Gross household Income (pre-tax, IRS 1040 Line 37) of both parents/guardians and the number of children who are paying tuition at any institution (from pre-K through college).

Combined 2018 Income of Both Parents/Guardians2019-2020 TASA Tuition per Child
# of Tuition-Paying Children at any Institution
0 – $14,999$3,080$2,560$2,030$1,510$980
$15,000 – $24,999$4,050$3,520$3,000$2,470$1,950
$25,000 – $34,999$5,140$4,610$4,090$3,560$3,040
$35,000 – $49,999$6,300$5,780$5,250$4,730$4,200
$50,000 – $74,999$7,470$6,950$6,420$5,900$5,370
$75,000 – $99,999$8,560$8,040$7,510$6,990$6,460
$100,000 – $149,999$9,480$8,960$8,430$7,910$7,380
$150,000 – $199,999$10,150$9,630$9,100$8,580$8,050

2017 Tax Returns and Appeals Process
If a family anticipates they will be unable to complete their 2018 tax returns in time and wish to use their 2017 returns in lieu of their 2018 returns, they may do so. However, the Adjusted Gross Income (IRS 1040 Line 37) will be increased by 6% to calculate the correct income bracket in the matrix above. In the situation where a family uses their 2017 tax returns for the flexible tuition application, an appeal may be allowed ONLY if the final 2018 Adjusted Gross Income is less than 6% greater than the 2017 Adjusted Gross Income AND using the 2018 Adjusted Gross Income will result in a lower tuition bracket AND the appeal is submitted no later than May 31, 2019. Upon verification using the Flexible Tuition application, an adjustment may be issued to the 2019-2020 school year tuition.

Other Sources of Funds
Because of the new flexible tuition model, TASA cannot offer additional subsidies beyond these amounts – there are no exceptions to this policy. However, because we understand individual circumstances may vary, we are committed to facilitating other sources of funds to help offset the cost, which may include:

  • Working with the Jewish Federation and its resources
  • Working with the Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio for interest-free financing
  • Working with the community Rabbis and their resources

TASA will provide you with notifications and reminders and make every effort to coordinate potential funding from the sources above. However, this not a guarantee that additional funds will be available.

“Give-or-Get” Contribution: Each family will be asked to solicit or contribute $500 in addition to tuition. The school will make available various opportunities throughout the year to help each family meet this contribution requirement. Each family will be responsible to account for donations which they solicited in order to receive credit towards this requirement.

Upon acceptance to the school, TASA requires a tuition contract be signed, along with a the 5% deposit toward the balance of tuition.

*Tuition Policy approved by the past Board of Directors on December 26, 2017.

Tuition Payment Plans:
TASA offers three tuition payment plan options:

  1. Single Payment Plan: Tuition is due in full by August 1, 2019
  2. Two Payment Plan: 50% Tuition is due by August 1, 2019 and 50% is due by January 1, 2020
  3. 10 Monthly Payments: 10% Tuition is due on the first day of each month, starting August 1, 2019.

On the form above, a family can upload a copy of their signed tax return (1040 only; must be signed) as well as the statement on how many children they have paying tuition at other institutions. Applications will be processed within 10 business days. All information will remain extremely confidential. No staff members or parents (board members or otherwise) will be privy to income information; only the final tuition rate will be shared with the appropriate administrative staff.

If a family does not wish to submit income or other requested student information, then the full tuition rate of $11,000 would apply.

All Flexible Tuition applications must be received on or before April 19, 2019 for all families with returning students.


  • If a 2018 tax return is not available, then the 2017 tax return should be submitted. For the purposes of the income calculation for tuition, the 2017 income will be increased by 6%.
  • If parents/guardians file separate tax returns, both parents/guardians must submit copies of their individual returns. The only exception will be for a parent who has sole custody of the student (a court statement will need to be provided as evidence).
  • Returning families who miss the April 19th deadline will be required to pay the highest tuition amount.
  • All families seeking a flexible tuition rate must comply with this process as specified; no exceptions.

Parents must notify the TASA office in writing if, at any time, they decide not to enroll their student or desire to withdraw their student from the School. If, at any time, after a signed tuition contract is delivered, for any reason, parents decide not to enroll their student, the student’s enrollment is terminated by either the parents or the school, or the student is either voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn from the school, the following will apply:

  1. If after August 1, 2019,  written notice has not been given, family is not entitled to refund of any amount designated as non-refundable in the Tuition Contract, including registration fees and tuition deposits.
  2.  If military orders are issued or in the event of an emergency situation, a waiver may be given by the Board of Trustees.

There are no exceptions to the policies listed on this document. Only the Board of Trustees are authorized to grant waivers and/or exceptions to the Tuition Policy.

Full Policy – Download a copy of the full policy by clicking here: 2019-2020 Tuition Policy.

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