Judaic Studies

While our school has many exciting and diverse educational programs, what really sets TASA apart from all
other schools is our Judaic Studies and Hebrew program. – Rabbi Yossi Marrus, Director of Judaic Studies

In today’s complicated world, many Jews find religion overwhelming, confusing, and boring. Unfortunately, too many Jews are indifferent to Judaism. While Israel is consistently in the news, so many of our brethren are wondering “is it really worth the fight and constant terrorism?” and “Why are we there anyway?”

The answer to these dilemmas and questions are really quite simple.


International and nationwide polls show that a Jewish Day School education is CRITICAL to shaping the next generation of Jewish leaders. At TASA, the Judaic studies and Hebrew program have some very specific goals for our students.

  • To LOVE Judaism and Torah learning.
  • To UNDERSTAND the holidays, customs and culture of the Judaism
  • To be PASSIONATE about Jewish things and Israel
  • To be KNOWLEDGABLE about their faith
  • To be PROFICIENT in basic Hebrew reading, writing and speaking.
  • To INSPIRE life-long committed and ENGAGED Jews

Our curriculum focuses on these areas, allowing students to study Torah and commentaries, learn about Israel, develop basic Hebrew language skills and read Hebrew fluently, experience the holidays and customs, and thus be knowledgeable and not find Judaism irrelevant.

Guided by the community’s Rabbanim, the Judaic Studies program welcomes all students regardless of synagogue affiliation or level of observance.

The curriculum is taught in a manner that inspires and educates at the same time as building the necessary skills for the study of Torah, in an environment that encourages strong morals and middot.

After a child graduates TASA, they will be able to live in any Jewish community or attend any Synagogue and be comfortable and enjoy their own heritage.

To learn more about TASA’s Judaic Studies Curriculum,
please contact Rabbi Marrus (Director of Judaic Studies) at rabbi.m@torahacademysa.com.

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