General Studies

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. – Albert Einstein

The TASA General Studies program is focused on providing our students a challenging (yet fun) competitive curriculum all within a nurturing environment so they can feel confident to learn and take on new challenges every day.

It’s a fact that students individually progress at different rates. At TASA, we take pride in that we are unlike most schools. We don’t teach to the norm, remediate the lower end, and enrich the upper end. We focus on the individual student’s progress and learning styles to achieve success.

By maintaining small group sizes, ideal teacher-student ratios, and ensuring safe physical settings for learning, our teachers are able to work closely with each student and actively engage them per their specifics needs and strengths. If they are falling behind in a certain subject or excelling beyond their grade level, our teachers have the flexibility to push their students at a rate that allows each child to feel successful at school.

TASA’s college-prep General Studies curriculum is rooted in the STEAM model, including:

  • ARTS

In addition to our strong General studies curriculum, TASA also provides all its students after school enrichment activities including:

  • Homework Support Hour
  • Arts, Music, & Drama
  • Athletics (in collaboration with i9 Sports)
  • Advanced Judaic Studies

TASA takes pride in our multi-age classrooms as a pedagogical philosophy, giving our teachers the ability to maximize each student’s potential, and not simply teach to the mean.  Students individually progress at different rates, and whereas most schools teach to the norm, remediate the lower end, and enrich the upper end, at TASA, we focus on the individual student’s progress and learning styles to achieve success.

TEKS Resources

To set our baseline expectations, TASA starts with the highly-regarded Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  This comprehensive curriculum establishes the framework and overall objectives our teachers use to create their lesson plans.  While the TEKS grade level objectives represent a minimum standard, at TASA once a student has mastered the grade level objective, they are moved on to the next series of objectives in the subsequent grade level – this is true differentiation.

A good tool to view these objectives can be found at  Also on this site, you will find the “Vertical Alignment Chart” which places grade level objectives next to one another to see the subsequent and precedent objectives for a given grade and subject area:  Vertical Viewer.

For more information on TEKS, click here to visit the TEKS website.

Standardized Testing

Students are continuously tested to assess progress in meeting the outlined objectives.  In addition to that continuous date gathering, TASA students also take national norm-referenced tests at designated grade levels for assessment against national markers.

TASA does not administer the state STAAR exams nor do we engage in “teaching to the test”.

AdvancED Accredited

TASA received its school accreditation in 2015 with top marks and high praise from the evaluation team. We take pride in our results as it is unprecedented for a young school to receive accreditation so quickly. To learn more about TASA’s school accreditation and scores, and why this is an important deliverable for parents, please click here.

To learn more about TASA’s General Studies Curriculum,
please contact Mrs. Jessica L. Diric (Director of General Studies) via email at

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