Torah Academy to Open Grades K-5

As originally discussed at our first information session, the board of Torah Academy of San Antonio opened up applications to grades K-5 to gauge the interest level and was then to make an informed decision on which grades to open by the end of April.  It is our pleasure to announce that after careful deliberation and consultation with our administrative team, the Board of TASA has unanimously agreed to open grades K-5 after receiving unexpected enthusiasm for the upper grades.

Furthermore, the board of TASA, along with our administrators, has reviewed the distribution of students per grade and various scenarios for grouping those grades while maintaining a high academic standard and have unanimously decided to group the grades as follows:

Kinder & 1st Grade:  Mrs. Aviva Bass, Judaics; TBD, General Studies

2nd & 3rd Grade:  Mrs. Aviva Bass, Judaics; TBD, General Studies

4th & 5th Grade:  Rabbi Yossi Marrus, Judaics; Dr. Ken Rothrock, General Studies

TASA is implementing a strong differentiated instruction program so that each student’s potential is maximized, regardless of age or grade association.  With our smaller class sizes, our teachers are able to focus on the specific needs of each student so we can get the most out of each and every child.

Grouping our classes does not mean that the older grade will not be sufficiently challenged or that the younger grade will be pushed further than they are ready.  Rather, our teachers will differentiate their lesson plans to push each student individually to the limits of each of their own abilities.

Furthermore, our administration is currently working on the daily class schedules which will illustrate how and when we plan on grouping the grades and also how and when we plan on looping the teachers to separate those grades for certain subjects.  These schedules will be published shortly.

We continue to refine both the Judaic and General Studies curricula to provide a strong foundation for our high academic standards.  As updates to these become available, they will be posted online.

In the coming days, we hope to announce the hiring of our remaining faculty (after interviews with several candidates) and finalize the location of our school (currently in final negotiations).  Shortly afterward, we will begin sending enrollment notices and tuition assistance awards.

We are excited with the progress we’ve made to date, with the students that have applied, with the academic excellence Rabbi Marrus, Dr. Rothrock, and Mrs. Bass bring, with the money we’ve raised, and with the support we’ve received.  We still have a lot of hard work ahead for opening day, August 19, 2013, but we are primed and ready for the inaugaural year of Torah Academy of San Antonio.

Warmest Regards,


The Board of Torah Academy of San Antonio

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