TASA Opens in Less than 25 Days

The countdown is on and we are now less than 25 days away from our grand opening!

We have made incredible progress since we sent our last announcement a couple of months ago.  Among our accomplishments are the following:

  • Our administration and entire teaching staff are hired and under contract for the 2013-2014 school year – Teachers report for work to start setting up classrooms in just over one week!
  • Our enrollment figures have surpassed our expectations and we expect our student body to continue to grow in these final weeks before school starts.
  • The Jewish Federation of San Antonio awarded TASA a $45,000 grant to support our mission of furthering Jewish education for the San Antonio Jewish Community.
  • We continue to receive large donations from both local and national donors.
  • Our Parent Volunteer Group continues to do great work organizing our enhancement programs.
  • Our textbooks for the Hebrew, Judaics, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Reading Programs are on order.
  • We are finalizing our technology order for computers and tablets for our students and teachers.
  • Our PE, Music, and Arts programs are being finalized and will be offered as part of our core curriculum.

The board, administrators, teachers, parents, and students of TASA are all excited with the progress that has been made to date.  It is extremely rewarding to see the fruits of the literally thousands of hours our entire organization has spent putting this school together come to fruition.

We want the entire community to be proud of this school and to help strenghten our institution.  We believe strongly that our school will contribute a great deal to the long-term success of the San Antonio Jewish Community.  We encourage you to visit our website or to contact any of our board members, administrators, teachers, or the parent group to find out how you can help us continue our success.  Whether you can volunteer your time, have books to donate to our library, have professional skills from which we could benefit, or through a donation of any size – you can know you had a part in making TASA a reality.

We are all excited to see our first students walk through our doors, grace our hallways, and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of academic sucess that will permeate the TASA environment.

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