At the Shmuel Bass Torah Academy of San Antonio we are committed to offering a vibrant and challenging curriculum for both Judaic and Secular studies. We strongly believe that both curricula are vital in the development of well-rounded children, and we feel certain that each complements the other. We fervently believe in the idea that each child should function in a state of continuous growth of appropriate challenge, also known as the Zone of Proximal Development- Vygotsky. Furthermore, we know that students who are given opportunities to move ahead and experience a more complex road map for learning should be consistently, positively, and pro-actively motivated by the relevancy and rigor of a great fit between how each student learns best and how instruction is delivered.

75% of our highly skilled, passionate, hard-working teaching staff have earned Masters Degrees in Education in diverse areas ranging from Multicultural Education, Curriculum & Instruction, to Educational Administration. We ensure that we follow data-driven methods that follow a continuous cycle of ongoing teacher training that aligns with our assessments (Formative, Summative, & Norm Referenced), and is used to constantly monitor and adjust our instructional practices in a student-centered way that goes above and beyond to meet our students where they are and take them as far as they can go!

Our instruction follows what is referred to as “best practices” or research-based methods by prominent names in effective education such as Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, Dr. Robert J. Marzano, and Dr. Randy Sprick just to name a few. All of these student-centered intentional approaches to instruction and behavior seek to provide all stakeholders with the authentic tools and strategies to positively effect long-term growth in the lives of our greatest treasures: our students.

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